Bowen Island Community Brand

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Bowen Island is a community of some 3,700 permanent residents on an area roughly the size of Manhattan, three nautical miles from Vancouver.

In 2014, various local groups started discussing the need for a community brand. The idea was to create a brand that would connect with potential visitors year-round, one that would also appeal to current and prospective residents and business owners.

The volunteer-run Municipal Economic Development Committee was charged with creating the brand, from doing extensive research, to the development of a strategy, to creative development.

The “beta” version of the brand was presented to Municipal Council in June of 2016. After some revisions, it was launched to the community at our annual Bowfest summer fair in August 2016.

Since then, Bowen Island Municipality has adopted the brand on business cards, signage, vehicles and their website. Tourism
Bowen has used the brand at tradeshows, on the Web and in a series of brochures. The brand has also been adopted widely by the community in a myriad of ways,