The Reach

TRU Community Trust (TRUCT)/Thompson Rivers University


“The Reach” is a planned community that will develop in the years ahead on the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) campus in Kamloops. The Reach is the result of the University’s vision to develop a vibrant neighbourhood on campus, where people can live, work, learn and play. The vision began in October 2011 when TRU developed the TRU Community Trust (TRUCT) to manage development on TRU property, transforming university land assets into a source of dedicated funding to support TRU students and academic research.

Incorporated in October 2011 and granted the rights to develop 90 acres of university land on a 99-year lease basis, TRUCT engaged expert advisors from across the province and developed a master-planned community to be built on campus grounds and integrated with TRU. This work was done using the university’s updated 2013 Master Campus Plan as a backdrop. On May 17, 2016 the City of Kamloops' Mayor and Council approved and adopted the TRUCT's official community plan amendment by-law, our zoning amendment by-law and the phased development agreement.