TNRD Wildfires: Economic Recovery Workplan

Thompson Nicola Regional District


2017 was a record breaking wildfire season in British Columbia, causing the province to declare the first state of emergency in 14 years, and the longest state of emergency in the province's history.

The 2017 fire season is notable for three reasons; first, for the largest total area burnt in a fire season in recorded history (1.3% of BC total area); second, for the largest number of total evacuees in a fire season; and third, for the largest single fire ever in British Columbia.

The TNRD, working in collaboration with Emergency Management BC launched this project to engage the businesses adversely affected by the 2017 Elephant Hill wildfire to facilitate the path of economic recovery. This was accomplished through ten (10) facilitated community engagement sessions in four different municipalities, collaboration with multiple support organizations, quantification of economic loss in the region, a survey of existing programs and support, a gap analysis and then recommendations for support programs going forward, many of which are already being implemented.