Small Business BC


A collaboration between Small Business BC, the City of Vancouver and 17 Vancouver BIAs, provides free access to market data tailored to customized business districts.

Presented in a clear and relatable way through an interactive comparison tool and lively infographic profiles, the area specific
information is intended to spur economic development and help local businesses and communities grow. By helping small businesses, organizations and interest groups understand neighbourhoods and consumer bases, guides forward planning and makes the case for continued investment and support.

Being a partnership, the development of was collaborative and resulted in market insights that weren't previously available to users in one place for free. As a marketing tool, offers users valuable data including but not limited to, neighbourhood population statistics including age, income and family structure which can provide insights into the resident and consumer populations.

This helps business owners understand the composition of their clientele, allowing for more targeted marketing efforts and competitive pricing structures. The area profiles also include zoning types, commercial lease and vacancy rates, and business mix, allowing prospective business owners or developers to determine the potential of a neighbourhood as they look to expand.