Age-Friendly Business Recognition Program

Township of Langley


In 2018 Township embarked on a pilot initiative, funded by the UBCM, to formally recognize local businesses that make a commitment to age-friendly practices. Interested local businesses complete a self-assessment of criteria such as accessibility, customer service, visibility & safety.

Project Outcomes Include:

  • There were 16 businesses that received certificates and were acknowledged by the Township.
  • The program will continue in 2019 with involvement from seniors in the community.

2 thoughts on “Age-Friendly Business Recognition Program”

  1. Congrats to Langley! The District of Clearwater was recognized and awarded the Age Friendly designation in 2014. We had completed extensive work in this regard. Completing a full 3 year Accessibility Study in partnership with UNBC from 2013 to 2015. This study allowed for a study on access issues for senior’s with the spin-offs of upgrades to facilities to have accommodated not only seniors buy moms with stollers, and citizens of all ages and stages to access facilities, parks and trails easier.

    The Community has a part-time Seniors Coordinator partially funded by allocation from the municipality and grants from other organizations.

    1. Hi Leslie, and thanks for the kudos. The beauty of this initiative is that it is virtually replicable by any municipality and that we can learn from each other. Further, it offers the potential, through in-depth initiatives such as that of Clearwater, to be reflective, engaging, and innovative in ways that businesses can consider approaches that make good business sense and provide social responsibility opportunity. Its a win all the way around! Kudos to the District of Clearwater.

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