100 Mile House Relocation Guide – District of 100 Mile House

The 100 Mile House Relocation Guide: More of the Good Life was created to attract new residents and professionals to our community.  It takes the user through all the elements of life in 100 Mile House that prospective residents look for when considering a move. Active photos, graphic-rich and descriptive information engage the reader through life in 100 Mile House and everything it has to offer.

The Relocation Guide is one of the municipality's key communication and marketing tools, which is integral to resident attraction / retention efforts, community promotion, and investment attraction.  The Relocation Guide is a recruitment tool that lives on our Moving Here web page http://www.100milehouse.com/our-community/moving-here where it can be viewed or shared to recruit residents, business, or potential workers.  When investors are considering 100 Mile House, they will see we have engaging and effective tools in place to support workforce attraction.

We have distributed print copies of the guide to local real estate offices to share with their clients, often a first line of inquiry from prospective new residents.  Distribution of the guide has also been completed to the health authority to welcome new physicians and professionals, the School District Human Resources Department in their search for teaching and administrative staff, and a wide range of small, medium and large employers.  Businesses looking for staff recruitment tools have welcomed the Relocation Guide.

This was a funding partnership with the District of 100 Mile House, Northern Development Initiative Trust, and the Province of BC.

The biggest impact of this project has been to be more competitive when our community is being considered for relocation and to provide a Relocation Guide as a resource for business and prospective residents.

We have distributed the guide with a targeted introduction to the large area employers, government agencies, and others, and have promoted it on our social media page, District website and media releases. Our brand new modern, award-winning website houses the Relocation Guide.  Municipal website engagement on our Moving Here pages is receiving positive upward number of visits.  In the 7 months between March 1 and Sept 29, 2021 our Moving Here page (where the Relocation Guide is housed) received 517 visits.  The following 6 months ending March 9, 2022, showed 681 visits.  This is positive engagement that we expect will continue to grow over time.

All types of businesses that have received the Relocation Guide have commented on its quality and have indicated that it will be helpful in their overall labour recruitment efforts.

The focus of this project was to create a marketing product that represents our unique community and local opportunities. A fresh look, strategic use of graphics in a lifestyle format allows readers to envision themselves living in our community. While every community has its own story, culture, natural landscapes, and activities to celebrate and share with others through marketing materials, the Relocation Guide concept is a cost effective and compelling recruitment tool.

We have learned the importance of referring to our project description, outline and vision when working with the designer to stay focused and to make sure the content is engaging and has longevity.