Choose Cranbrook – City of Cranbrook

As investment attraction continued to go virtual, we required a marketing asset that would highlight the many ways we can support relocating / expanding businesses. We wanted to go beyond the standard investment profile and instead create a compelling document that would cut through the clutter and grab the attention of a site selector or investor who in most cases would be hearing pitches from several communities at once.

Since we have launched Choose Cranbrook we have seen an considerable increase in our web traffic, total visits, time spent , conversions , likes , comments , shares across all our digital media assets.

The city's of Cranbrook brand , profile and image has been significantly raised and is evident in the amount of investment interest in our community from abroad  in 2021/2022.

Specifically in events where we presented this guide we saw immediate interest from attendees as it generated multiple leads

This guide also serves as a playbook of sorts for our local stakeholders and partners giving them a clear understanding our goals , differentiators and messaging .

This project is transferable as other communities can use the framework to create their own unique value proposition

1. Use local photography showcasing BC's world class beauty
2. Ktunaxa ( First Nation) recognition and promotion
3. Use Data to tell your story
4. Use local businesses and stakeholders as the face of the campaign
5. Partnerships across multiple sectors , public and private
6. Be unique, look at your competitors in the market you are targeting and stand out from the crowd , be different and embrace the special story every community in BC has