– District of Squamish

In 2021 Economic Development at the District of Squamish undertook to create a website to focus on facilitating strategic business investment and attraction. This includes, on a per sector basis, sharing content that attracts businesses to Squamish including investment considerations, data, strategic partnerships, and other supporting collateral. The website funnels strategic investment and new businesses opportunities, from within local priority sectors, through the website, by providing both inspiration and the information required along each stage of the decision process and in a largely self-sufficient way. Secondary, but also key areas of focus are; the need to communicate relevant business intelligence and tools to both existing and prospective Squamish-based businesses, and to promote programming and partnerships in support of local sector development.

While in the early launch stages, and therefore lack of data to substantiate the claim of success, key stakeholder feedback to date has been positive and suggests their satisfaction. Particular aspects noted as success factors have been:
- The addition of an area of the website dedicated to investment opportunities, particularly as these relate not only to our key sectors and and associated supply-chain, but also highlighting opportunities that address our community needs.
- The inclusion of three short films to highlight Squamish's unique selling propositions as well as Key Sectors.
- The new Tools and Resources section of the site is more comprehensive, and content more easily accessible.
- The inclusion of an Ambassador toolkit to provide our local leaders with a repository of content to support their for presentations and pitches.

The project is replicable and transferable. Key to the success of this project was the work undertaken prior to starting the website design work, to set the foundations for the website. It was important to have a clear understanding of the unique selling propositions, clearly defined sectors, an understanding of the website's audiences and their needs. Without this pre-existing body of work the website outcomes would not have been as cohesive, consistent nor effective.

The use of story telling is used in articles, quotes, short films and through imagery throughout the site to create the consistent messaging and reinforce the community values.