Mission’s Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan

Mission's Waterfront Revitalization is a large-scale community development project encompassing an area that spans over 3.5 km of river frontage and 296 acres of land. It is situated on the largest underdeveloped Fraser River frontage adjacent to an existing urban core in the Lower Mainland. This exciting revitalization project sets the stage for transformational growth in the creation of a new, exciting, innovative, and world-class mixed-use waterfront community. Guided by a land-use strategy designed to carefully balance residential development with commercial, light industrial and institutional development, revitalization of the Waterfront will create opportunity for employment and job creation today and tomorrow.

To ensure the lands encompassed within the project area are developed in a planned, purposeful, and organized way, the Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan (WRMP) was produced and subsequently adopted into Mission's OCP in July 2022. The Waterfront Revitalization Master Plan is a set of strategies designed to work together, interweaving policy, partnerships, and infrastructure solutions to create a resilient approach to how the waterfront will grow and develop over the next 40 years. Ultimately, the WRMP will be the roadmap to deliver jobs, a renewed urban core, and new natural spaces along the Fraser River for all Mission residents to enjoy.

The Waterfront encompasses a variety of land uses that will compliment commercial, institutional, recreational, and residential uses, mixed in with considerable parks and open spaces. It is a plan for a liveable community and interest and excitement is growing.

In response to the adoption of the WRMP, inquiries from large-scale developers, industries, and institutions have been rapidly on the rise. The City has invested several million in the acquisition of property in the Waterfront area, further solidifying this interest. Additionally, having an established plan that is cohesive, collaborative, and inclusive has brought the area's land owners together with an actionable plan and vision for the future.

The waterfront revitalization project has brought Mission into the spotlight. In addition to land inquiries for the waterfront area, inquiries have increased exponentially for land parcels in other areas of the community suitable for light industrial and institutional uses.

There are many other examples of large-scale waterfront revitalization projects; however, Mission's project is unique in that the City does not own all or even the majority of the land. This required extensive engagement with landowners. In addition to the challenge of land assembly, the other substantial challenges this project faces are raising the land to provide flood protection, building infrastructure, and highway alignment and connectivity. Fortunately, Mission has developed solutions and a clear path forward to overcome these barriers and this distinctive project will pave the way for other communities who are considering a similar revitalization or are undertaking one or many of these challenges. These communities can utilize Mission's experience to inform and direct their own projects as well as make practical and effective use of the guidance provided by the WRMP.