EDC Website

Economic Development Cowichan


Economic Development Cowichan, a division of the Cowichan Valley Regional District, launched a new website in February, 2018 that celebrates innovation and business leaders in the region. The website showcases the region as a dynamic location to both invest in and put down roots. This new resources offers tools for business, insights on living in Cowichan and a portfolio of changemakers from across the region.

The website launch took place alongside the creation of a four-year strategic plan for Economic Development Cowichan. The five key goals of the plan include Business Retention, Attraction and Expansion, Sector Development, Strengthening Communities, Communicating our Story, and Aligning with CVRD Strategic Activities.

The website's blog profiles the activities and partnerships currently engaged in by Economic Development Cowichan. Followers can sign up to be notified of these initiatives as well as receive updates to the community and sector profiles of the site.

A 'changemakers' theme was chosen for the website because of the vibrant people and places in the Cowichan. The website embraces the community changemakers through inspiring videos and stories and builds ongoing dialogue with the community.